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Why does YOUR business need a webpage?
The world is moving at a fast pace with the Internet becoming the 'method of choice' for more and more people to find goods and services. The advantages of Internet exposure to a world-wide audience 24 hours a day, seven days per week are obvious.

Go Tauranga is a website creating a lot of interest in a number of ways. Firsly the site has the support of The Tauranga District Council with links from their own site to this one. Secondly, the site includes an easy to use Interactive Street Map which makes it unique and provides a great tool for both visitors and local residents alike to both find their way around Tauranga/Mt Maunganui/Papamoa and to find the exact location of the participating businesses. The Map is already being downloaded (for printing out on home computer printers) regularly by those 'surfing' the site thereby making www.gotauranga.co.nz a destination of considerable merit. Visitors to the area are increasingly looking to the internet to book accommodation and attractions before they even leave home. Many come here as to stay with family and friends - too often in the past it has been difficult to decide on what to do or where to go without 'sampling' first. This site is designed to have it all. From the weather to what's on TV - we will have it all at your fingertips (literally). It is planned to go as far as having the local Saturday sports fixtures online here thereby making the local population well aware of what the site covers.

The Local Motel Association of New Zealand Branch has commissioned the website and along with tourist operators and retail businesses had thrown their weight behind the concept. Take advantage of the publicity this site will generate both within Tauranga as well as throughout New Zealand and place YOUR business on this site.

The latest release of new domain names means there is every opportunity for you to register and use a name which suits you needs best. The names are are going fast so secure yours today before your competitors do.

"If New Zealand businesses are not already trading on the Internet they are either dead or soon will be".
Jim Sutton, New Zealand Minister for Trade Negotiations.

1.6 million New Zealanders now have access to the Internet. 1 Million New Zealanders have accessed the Internet in the last 4 weeks. 39% of those who used the Internet in the last 4 weeks found information on products and services.

(Source: A.C. Neilson Netwatch, 3rd Quarter, 1999


Opportunity to advertise your business on the Internet

Budget Package:.....$700.00

This includes the following:
1. Full registration application of your own domain name (eg, www.your_business.co.nz)
2. The first years domain maintenance fee.
3. Hosting for a FULL YEAR.
4. Inclusion on the Go Tauranga web site.
5. Links to the Map showing the street your business is on.
6. Full design, layout and uploading of the entry webpage to your site as specified below.
7. Registration of your new site with New Zealand's leading search engines.
8. Routine checks to see if your page is functioning correctly.

Mini-Budget Package:.....$580.00

This includes the following:
1. One web page within the Go Tauranga web site with a listing on the approprate page - basic layout with a maximum of three photos.
2. Hosting for a FULL YEAR.
3. Links to the Map showing the street your business is on.
4. Routine checks to see if your page is functioning correctly.


Individual Services:

What follows is a schedule of alternative or additional options for you to consider:

Register your own domain name (eg, www.your_business.co.nz) including first year's domain maintenance fee.
Hosting either your new domain/site OR page(s) we produce for you within the Go Tauranga web site (full year).
per year
Page design (first entry page - includes three supplied photos).
Further Pages (includes two supplied photos per page).
Minor changes & updates.
Major changes and complete re-builds.
$60 per hour
Single line listing linked to your existing site.
per year
Additional supplied business logo inserted on the interactive www.gotauranga map of your choice and linked back to your site on www.gotauranga.co.nz.
(available to clients already on the website)
per year
Your Banner on the www.gotauranga.co.nz links page.
per month
Please note - all prices quoted on this site are GST exclusive

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